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Unique art dice inspired by some of my favorite things


Consume, Embrace recently featured on DnD Beyond!

Check out Sunshadeau Arts owner and Master Dice Maker, Sasha Augustine, as she chats dice, D&D and Critical Role with Todd Kenreck of DnD Beyond!


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Each die is carefully crafted by hand from poured resin.

Almost every element inside the die is made from resin. I crafted my own custom molds to create everything from tea cups to faces to flowers from the same resin as the rest of the die in order to preserve balance.

However, since each die is assembled by hand, the configuration of the design from die to die is slightly different so no two dice are the same.

These 80mm dice are carefully hand crafted one at a time. 

Each design took approximately three months to develop. Once the design and creation system is complete, it takes about three-four weeks to craft each die.

Yes! These dice are designed to be functional works of art.

Since they are made from resin, they are durable enough to be used for game play (though I would recommend protecting your table). They are also specifically crafted almost entirely of the same material so they are just as balanced as any factory dice out there.

Critical Role Inspired Dice

Yes, the Critical Role inspired dice will be available for purchase.

The large 80mm Inkless Titan Dice (shown in the photo and videos here) are part of a Limited Edition Collector’s Series. Only a handful these dice will ever be made. 

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My hope is to eventually create dice designs for every player character and some of my favorite guests and NPCs.

Since the design and creation process takes several months per die, the new designs may release very slowly.

Yes! I am designing simplified versions of each die in my signature 33mm style that will be available in larger quantities at a more modest price point.

The current plan is for the dice to remain individually handcrafted.

The 80mm Inkless Titan dice will be handmade art dice available as numbered limited editions. Each die will be numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This means that quantities will be extremely limited.

No, I am not in any way affiliated with Critical Role. I’ve never met or spoken with anyone affiliated with that company. I’m just a fan making my own fan art dice.

Your guess is as good as mine. I have never met or spoken to the cast of Critical Role. If you want to know what they think, you would have to ask them!