The Sunshadeau Arts Academy proudly presents the

Beginning Resin Dice Making Course!

Everything you need to know to begin your handmade resin dice making journey is compiled into a 34 page PDF document and 2 hours of instructional video content.

Course covers types of resin and molds, measuring and mixing resin, adding dyes and pigments, filling molds, sanding and polishing, and inking your new handmade dice. Supplemental materials include information on how to set up your work space, how to safely work with resin, and how to clean up resin and tools.

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Dice Making Kits

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of resin product out there? Don’t know how to collect all the supplies you need to make your first resin dice?

Sunshadeau Arts also offers Resin Dice Making Kits.

Each kit contains nearly everything you need to make your very first handmade resin dice.

Plus, you get $10 off if you order the Resin dice Making Course and Kit together.

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