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Here is a list of common questions and general information.

If you need to contact Sunshadeau Arts regarding your order, please fill out the contact form below.

Curious about landscape dice artist Sasha and where you can find her online? Visit the MEDIA page.

Sunshadeau Arts is a one-woman shop.

Sometimes things go wrong and I will do what I can to make things right. However, since it’s not a big company, there are limits to what I can offer in terms of returns/replacements.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Shipping and Returns

Currently it takes about 5-8 business days for me ship out orders. However, COVID causes many delays so this timeline is not guaranteed.

Please note that mailing labels are frequently printed out 1-2 days before the packages are picked up by USPS. So please allow an extra 2-3 days (beyond the expected delivery timeframe) for the delivery of your package.

Unfortunately there is no option for expedited shipping at this time.

If you receive your order and it was damaged in transit you can return the item for a full refund in the form of store credit. You MUST ship the item back (no matter the condition) to receive the refund. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer and is non-refundable. Your return must be approved so please contact me at prior to shipping back the item. Once the item is received and inspected in my studio, you will be sent the appropriate store credit (minus shipping).

If you would like to keep the item, I may be able to offer a partial refund depending on the amount of damage. Please email photos of the damage to

Please note that due to the extensive amount of time it takes to make each item in my shop and the specialty nature of many items/supplies, it is often not possible for me to offer replacement items (i.e. remake a certain item for you). You can use your refund to purchase a comparable replacement from the shop’s current offerings.

If your order does not arrive, please contact the United States Post Office to attempt to locate your package. I am unable to assist in the location of lost packages. Please note that they have very specific timelines for when a package can be declared lost so review their website carefully.

If USPS is unable to locate the package, please notify Sunshadeau Arts via email at and provide documentation/proof of the lost package. You will be provided with store credit for your order (minus shipping).

Please note that due to the extensive amount of time it takes to make each item in my shop and the specialty nature of many items/supplies, it is often not possible for me to offer replacement items (i.e. remake a certain item for you). You can use your refund to purchase a comparable replacement from the shop’s current offerings.

Please be sure to enter your mailing address correctly or reach out immediately if your address changes.

If your order is returned to us by the post office for any reason other than our error (i.e. you put the incorrect mailing address in the order), there is a $10 fee to have the package resent to you for US residents and $30 for international residents (if your order is especially large and the shipping fee for the item is larger than the flat fee listed, you may be required to pay additional shipping to cover that extra cost).

If you are unhappy with your order, most items can be returned for a full refund (minus shipping). Item must be returned in original condition, in original packaging, within 30 days of receipt. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Please email prior to returning the item. Once the item is received in my shop, it will be inspected and your refund will be processed. 

You may only receive a partial refund if the item is damaged, if the item is improperly packaged, or if the item arrives after the 30 day time limit.

Commissions, Clearance, Resin Dice Making Courses, ALL dice making supplies (including kits and pigment palettes) and Less-than-perfect items cannot be returned.

Many apparel, accessories, and art prints will ship directly from the manufacturer and not from the Sunshadeau Arts studio. If you order a combination of handmade items, apparel, and accessories you may have to pay additional shipping for each shipping location.


I have a great YouTube video on my channel Ask the Dice Maker that covers this topic. Follow this link to watch now.

The short answer is that they are just as balanced as any factory produced dice you’ve picked up from your FLGS; i.e. they are balanced enough for game play.

Handmade dice are made in just as precise a fashion as factory dice. The master dice (the set of dice that are specially designed and printed from which ALL dice molds are made) are created on a computer with mathematical precision, just like in a factory.

In reality, handmade dice can be MORE balanced than something from a factory since each die is individually hand crafted. Each die can spend hours in a makers hand where they are carefully inspected for bubbles and flaws. Also, each die surface is evenly sanded and polished by hand, not placed in a large sanding drum that often sand unevenly.

But what about inclusions or textures?

Almost every die I make has inclusions crafted from the same material as the rest of the die or that has a weight that is so insignificant as to not affect balance. Same thing with exterior textures. The amount of texture is so insignificant and generally evenly spread over the surface so as not to affect balance.

Every once in a while I may make a specialty die that has an inclusion that would weight the die to one side. If so, that will be listed in the description.

And honestly, if you feel the need to ask this question, handmade dice probably aren’t for you.

Generally speaking, I release all my designs in collections centered around a theme. Learn more about previous and upcoming collections on the Collections page. Dice will be released when the collection launches, and then will be restocked once, usually in the month or two following the launch.

Beyond these two specific moments, there is no guarantee that a dice design will ever be restocked. If you join my email list, you will get sent email notifications of  these dates.

You can also request a commission for a previous dice design, typically at no additional cost. Visit my Commissions page to learn more.

The only way to get on my commissions waitlist is to become a Patron of Sunshadeau Arts.

Click here to go to my Patreon and learn more.

No I don’t have tiny hands, my dice are BIG! 

My standard sized dice are known as Goliath since they are 33mm in size (about twice the size of your average die). And they only get bigger from there.

Why are the dice so big?

To promote accessibility in gaming. Some people need larger sized dice, especially for those with mobility issues like me, and they deserve beautiful dice too!

Right now, I only offer rounded edge dice. I greatly prefer rounded edges myself so have felt very little need to expand into sharp edged dice. Though I guess there is always the possibility of sharp edged dice in the future…

Resin Dice Making

I currently offer Dice Making Kits in blocks that are only available as pre-orders. This allows me to offer a larger quantity of kits at a time.

The pre-order blocks are for 3 months at a time (i.e. January, April, July, October). However, if I complete the pre-orders early, the next block will release early.

The best way to keep connected about restocks is by joining my VIP email list. You will receive an email when the kits are back in stock.

Click here to join the VIP email list.

Starting with the restock in April 2020, I will offer an international version of the Resin Dice Making Kits. These kits will be the same as the regular kits but will NOT include resin or liquid dye (since I am unable to ship those two items internationally due to shipping laws).

All of my Advanced Dice Making Courses are currently available on my Patreon.

Click here to learn about becoming a Patron to access these courses.

General Questions


Head on over to Patreon to learn about all the special benefits you can get as a Patron of Sunshadeau Arts.

There are so many benefits to joining the email list:

  • advanced notice of sales, shop restocks, and new products
  • you often get access to shop restocks before the general public
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  • every email ends with a p.s. where I often drop exclusive content that is unavailable anywhere else that gives you a sneak peek of what is coming next

You can connect on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Just search for Sunshadeau Arts!


For full details on collaborations to date, visit my Collaborations page.

Hi! My name is Sasha and I am the owner of Sunshadeau Arts.

I do every job in the company from CEO to janitor, so when I say that it is a small business, it’s really small. Small but mighty! And everything I do is done with passion and love.

I have been an artist for over 20 years and a professional artist and designer for over a decade. I studied art and design at the University of Wisconsin – Madison for undergrad and the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities for grad school.

I have created art in a wide variety of media and through a wide variety of platforms. The past few years I have been working almost exclusively in resin and acrylic and have been a professional dice maker since 2017. Making dice isn’t a hobby, it’s my full time job.

I also have teaching experience in art and design teaching students from high school to undergrad to grad school to adult learning. I love the art of dice making and decided to use my teaching experience to give the gift of learning to new dice makers with my Resin Dice Making Courses and Kits. I fully believe in collaboration, not competition and will freely share my experience, techniques, and supplies to help elevate the next generation of dice makers.

I am always looking to push forward and elevate the craft of artisan dice making so stay tuned for what amazing ideas I come up with next!

Sunshadeau Arts occasionally hires freelance artisans, marketing specialists, and technology gurus.

View current job openings

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