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Dice Recipe Folios

Want to recreate the exact dice I make here at Sunshadeau Arts? Check out my brand new Dice Recipe Folios! The Autumn Collection Folio has detailed recipes for ALL 10 of the dice included in the 2020 Autumn Collection.


The Fandom Collective

Get more information on all your favorite fan art dice including Critical Role inspired dice.

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Welcome to The Sunshadeau Arts Academy!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your very own handmade resin dice right from home but were completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available and you couldn’t figure out where to start?

Join resin artist Sasha Augustine in the Sunshadeau Arts studio as she walks you through the process of making your very own handmade resin dice.



Explore the hidden depths beneath where the unknown creeps in the dark…

Looking for a set of unique, handmade dice?

Handmade resin polyhedral dice and dice sets have come to Sunshadeau Arts. Shop for dice that can’t be found anywhere else.
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Care About the Environment?

All pieces from the Eco Collection are made with sustainable bamboo and recycled materials.


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