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Current Collection

The Underdark Collection explores the hidden depths beneath where the unknown creeps in the dark.
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The Veiled Grove Collection

Coming Spring 2021

Discover what lurks deep in the dark wilds…


Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Fall 2020

Previous Collections

The Hoard

May 2020

Glittering jewels, lush textiles, and sparkling metallics.

Arctic Ice

January 2020

Cracking glaciers, floating icebergs, and sparkling aurora skies.

Obsidian Flame

Fall 2019

Erupting volcanoes and cascading lava.

Rogue Wave

August 2019

Feel the salty spray and dip your toes in the ocean with this watery new collection.

Functional Art

July 2019

Explore a selection of beautiful, yet functional, artistic creations with unique, custom resin designs.

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Touches of the Feywild

June 2019

Dance through the Feywild with a collection of jewelry, dice, and accessories featuring delicate pastels, real metal leaf, and wisps of magical glow.

Inspiration Collection

March 2019

Roll beyond the ordinary with a contemporary twist including handmade circular resin trays and Goliath polyhedral dice.

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The Eco Collection

Fall 2018

Eco friendly line of boxes and trays made of sustainable bamboo, recycled acrylic, and recycled felt.

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The Adventure Collection

Fall 2018

Unique collection of wooden storage chests with acrylic and resin poured lids specially designed to hold all the gear you may need to haul to your next tabletop gaming session.

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