Changing the landscape of tabletop gaming one die at a time…


Meet the Artist

Sasha Augustine is a landscape dice artist, professional designer, and dice making instructor looking to revolutionize the world of handmade resin dice.

A former scenic designer for theater and film, Sasha directly translates the experience of designing and creating dramatic scenes into miniature worlds one can hold in the palm of their hand.

Whether she’s shrinking down erupting volcanoes or encapsulating critical moments from some of her favorite fandoms, Sasha is constantly pushing the world of handmade dice forward.

Master dice maker Sasha Augustine talks dice, Dungeons and Dragons, and her deep love of the hit show Critical Role with Todd Kenreck of DnD Beyond.

And get a closer look at the one-of-a-kind Consume, Embrace die, inspired by the Critical Role character Fjord, that debuted at C2E2 in March of 2020.

Sasha had the immense pleasure to talk with Lysa Penrose on the Behold Her Podcast where she shared her experience as a woman running two successful kickstarters in the tabletop gaming sphere.

Check out Episode 15: Femmes who Kickstart of the Behold Her Podcast.

Travis Willingham, the actor who plays Fjord on the hit show Critical Role, regularly rolls one of Sasha’s Consume dice (inspired by this very character) on the show. Here is a clip from Season 2, Episode 112 where Travis uses the Consume die, also lovingly referred to as the U’katoa die, to roll a Natural 20.

Take a look at some of Sasha’s other media and and her dice making courses…

Learn how to make your very own handmade resin dice with this beginners course taught by Sasha.

Learn advanced dice making techniques and take small business masterclasses with Sasha through the Sunshadeau Arts Patreon.

Get detailed answers to all your handmade dice questions on Sasha’s YouTube channel Ask the Dice Maker.

Get free dice tips from Sasha on her Notes from the Sunshadeau Archives segments in video format over on Instagram or in written format on the Arts Revelations Blog.