PREORDER Tome of Mischief and Memory


This listing is for a PREORDER. Tomes are expected to ship in January 2023.

As time passes, Do you struggle to remember important moments in the adventures of your original characters?

Within this tome are a series of journaling prompts that will guide you in recording all the memorable moments of your character’s adventures to be preserved for all time.

From “There’s no way that should have worked…” to “Remember that time I almost died…”, write from your character’s perspective to tell their story and never lose the thread of past adventures to the wastes of time, and poor memory, again.

Safeguard the spirit and voice of up to four characters and remember them beyond the bounds of the character sheet.

Features include:

  • over 50 pages of journaling prompts per character to guide you in recording memorable moments of their lives and adventures
  • places to record your adventuring party and even a list of your parties “most likely to…”
  • save your favorite places and NPCs
  • space to include any custom character art or imagery
  • even explore what you character is up to after the adventure ends!
  • tome holds the memories of up to four different characters
  • book is 9″ x 6″ softcover journal of approximately 250 pages

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