Dice Artist’s Compendium – Recipe Journal for Dice Makers


Have you ever made a stunning die and immediately forgot how you made it? Is remembering the exact pigments and dyes you use a struggle? Do you wish for a simpler way to keep track of tiny quantities?

The Dice Artist’s Compendium is a unique recipe book just for handmade dice makers to record their creative process.

Features include:

  • simple system for charting all the pigments and inclusion used in the design
  • method of measuring tiny quantities of both liquid and solid pigments
  • places to record each step of the creation process
  • areas to track your inspiration and share an image of the design
  • extra note space to record your thoughts or changes to the process
  • space for over 40 dice recipes
  • book is 9″ x 6″ softcover journal

Never lose the thread of your dice making adventure again.

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