First look at the Yasha dice…

  The newest dice design in the Fandom Collective will be featuring our favorite flower-loving barbarian, Yasha of Critical Role.    Yasha’s dice will showcase the wonder of the Storm Lord, the beauty of flowers, and the Yasha’s glorious wings in various forms.   Here are a few behind-the-scenes teasers of the design process.  

Coming soon: The Sunshadeau Archives

With the success of the Beginning Resin Dice Making Course, I have had many requests to create tutorials and instructions for more advanced dice making techniques.  Since I am constantly discovering and exploring new territory in the dice making world, I wanted to create an advanced dice making course that could constantly evolve along with […]

Soaring above the new Terra Collection

I’m deep in the research and development phase for the Terra Collection and I wanted to share a bit of my process. This next collection in my landscape series celebrates the space where water, earth, and air meet. Thinking about essences of these spaces, I’ve decided to begin by exploring two distinct images: islands and […]