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The Inspiration Collection is all this and more.
Inspired by the many places I’ve traveled, the many people I’ve met, the many games I’ve played, and the many interesting characters I’ve encountered along the way…
I present

The Inspiration Collection

The Inspiration Collection includes handmade multi-purpose resin trays, 33mm Goliath dice sets, and hard covered notebooks with original poured designs.

Each piece is crafted with the finest materials using never-before-seen, handmade designs

Unconventional and unparalleled multi-tone color combinations feature a combination of solid, pearl shimmer, metallic foil, and translucent layers.


An electrifying combination of purple and gold creates a dazzling display wrapped in an obsidian black void. Deep purple shadows rouse your senses and gold leaf sparkles in the depths tickling your mind. 


Get drawn into the captivating void of this blue gradient. Beguiling translucent blues with flashes of silver lead to sparkling middle shades eventually disappearing into exquisite midnight depths. 

Crimson Forge

Evoking molten metal and blazing lava, these scorching pieces will stoke your inner fire. Emblazon your collection with copper leaf flakes suspended in translucent accents. A sizzling core of metallic red encased in obsidian black adds a searing edge to any table.

Acid Splash

Polished obsidian black finishes give each piece a contemporary edge. Vibrant, acid green streams create an unexpected thrill at the table. Sparks of gold leaf add a bold and exciting accent.