Dice Commissions

Please read the complete dice commission information below before requesting a custom dice commission. These terms are non-negotiable.

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Dice types and sizes

I only currently work in 33mm size dice (about twice the size of standard 16mm dice) that have rounded edges. You can commission an individual d20 or a set of 7 polyhedral dice. If you are interested in other sets of dice (sets of d6s or d10s for example) please fill out the commission form. I have very limited ability to make other dice sets at this time so I cannot always guarantee availability for other dice sets.


Single 33mm d20 is $75 – $100 depending on complexity.

Single 36mm Inkless d20 is $150 – $200 depending on complexity.

Set of 7 33mm polyhedral dice is $275 – $400 depending on complexity.

Single 60mm countdown d20 is $200 – $350 depending on complexity.

Single 80mm Inkless d20 starts at $500+

Generally, simple color combinations, foils, and glitters are the lower end of the spectrum and embedded objects are the higher end of the spectrum.

Shipping is NOT included in this price.


The base price listed above allows for the creation of one initial dice pour and one possible revision if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

If the second pour also fails to meet your expectations, you can request an third pour attempt for the cost of an additional $20 for a single d20 (33 or 36mm),  $50 for a set of dice (33mm), or $100 for a single d20 (60 or 80mm).

I will not make more than two revisions per custom dice order (or three total pour attempts). If none of the three attempts are successful, it is assumed that I will not be able to create the dice design you are looking for.

As the commission client, you only receive one d20 or one set of dice (ie, if you have three sets of dice made through the revision process, you only get to keep one set of your choosing). If you have revisions done, any unselected poured dice are the property of Sunshadeau Arts and not the client and may be resold at my discretion.

All dice designs are the property of Sunshadeau Arts. I may choose to offer your commission dice design to the general public after the commission is complete. If you would like exclusive rights to your dice design, an additional fee is required.

There are no refunds on commissioned works.