Voyager Chest with Acrylic Pour Lid – Bespoke Gaming Storage


Please note that preorders will not be completed until the Adventure Line Kickstarter is fulfilled. Preorders are expected to start shipping out March or April 2019.

The Voyager Chest is here. This unique storage caddy holds dice, minis, cards, pens/pencils, and more. The Voyager Chest is a caddy with a storage drawer and two removable mini cases that latch together into one convenient, durable, portable wood case featuring our exclusive Sunshadeau Arts poured acrylic designs.

Each Voyager Chest is hand painted and completely one of a kind. Makes a beautiful addition to any decor or gaming set.

Select an acrylic pour color from the drop down menu to see a larger image of that color. All bespoke items are created on a rolling queue system. When you place an order, it will be added to the bottom of the queue. If you would like to confirm the current wait time, please feel free to contact us.

The Voyager Chest is a part of the Sunshadeau Arts Adventure Line of bespoke gaming storage. This four piece line features gaming storage cases for a variety of needs and budgets. The Adventure Line features wooden cases with bespoke finishes and one-of-a-kind acrylic and resin poured designs. There is nothing on the market quite like these unique, artisanal gaming items. When you own a Sunshadeau Arts gaming item, you also own a hand painted work of art.

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  • caddy case with 4 felt bottomed storage sections
  • storage drawer with three possible interior configuration. The drawer options are a fully felt lined drawer, a fully acrylic poured drawer, or a half felt and half acrylic drawer. (Please note that the chest automatically comes with one half felt and half acrylic pour drawer. If you would like a different configuration for your drawer, please note this in the notes to seller section at checkout.)
  •  2 removable mini cases with slide off lids: one with 3 felt bottomed storage sections, one with poured acrylic bottom that can be used as a dice rolling tray
  • raw pine box finished with a clear sealant
  • dovetail corner details
  • brass hardware
  • leather carrying handle
  • Dimensions: 14 1/4″ x 9 1/4″ x 5 3/4″

The main factor that sets Sunshadeau Arts gaming gear apart is our use of poured acrylic designs as decoration. Every single Sunshadeau Arts poured acrylic piece is 100% unique and impossible to replicate. When you own a Sunshadeau Arts bespoke gaming item, you also own an original, one-of-a-kind work of art.

So what is acrylic pouring? Acrylic pouring is when you take soft body (aka runny) acrylic paint, mix it with some additives to make it even more runny, then pour it over a surface to create an abstract design. There are many factors that determine how a finished poured acrylic piece looks and only about half of them are things the artist has any control over. This means that every single piece is completely one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate. The acrylic is then covered with a coating of crystal clear resin to create a scratch resistant protective coating that adds depth to the finished piece.

Additional information

Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 7 in
Acrylic Pour Color

Green Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Black Dragon, Brass Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Efreeti, Will O Wisp, Hell Hound, Pixie, Beholder, Medusa, Planetar, Owlbear, Copper Dragon


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