Subscription Pacts


Do you like making deals?

Do you desire to have the latest and greatest creations in your hands before they even go up for sale?

Do you wish to be part of an exclusive club of elite collectors?

Then consider entering into a Sunshadeau Arts Subscription Pact.

Choose from one of four different subscription tiers to get Sunshadeau Arts exclusive creations before they go on sale to the public.

This subscription service is unlike most subscriptions out there. Many subscriptions you pay monthly to receive a box of miscellaneous items, most of which are mass produced.

With the Sunshadeau Arts Subscription Pacts, you pay per collection or mini collection released and you receive one handmade item from that collection that is shipped to you before those items go on sale. Each item you receive is handmade and one-of-a-kind and every person who subscribes may receive different items. This makes for a very unique subscription service you won’t find anywhere else.

So why should you subscribe?

  1. You never have to worry about a collection selling out. All Subscription Pact customers will be guaranteed to get items from subscribed collections.
  2. Set it and forget it. Each item you sign up for will be automatically sent to you with no further action required on your part.
  3. Save! The longer you subscribe for, the more money you save. You can get an entire year of Sunshadeau Arts creations and save around $100.

Full details including descriptions of the different tiers and information on upcoming collections are listed below.

Want to give a subscription as a gift? Just type in the recipients name and mailing address in the shipping address fields at checkout and the subscription will be shipped straight to the recipient! You can even leave them a little note in the “Customer notes” box at checkout and that message will be included with the first subscription package.



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