Pre-Order Molten Core Circle Tray


The Molten Core Circle Tray is a versatile combination of being easy to use and providing ample storage space. It’s an innovative conversation starter that looks great on any surface, but can also be easily taken on the road. These three tone trays have a layer with metallic flakes, varied color upper, and obsidian black bottom.

Crafted from the finest materials, the Molten Core Circle Tray makes a stunning centerpiece to any table. These unique trays feature two sections, a larger circle area surrounded by a second crescent depression.

Every tray is hand poured from premium art resin with a luster finish that is soft and smooth to the touch.

The bottom of these trays are covered in felt for added surface protection and measure  approximately 9.75″ in diameter and 2.15″ tall.

Choose from nine different color combinations.

Molten Core Circle Trays are individually hand poured by artist Sasha Augustine in the Sunshadeau Arts studio. Since each item is made by hand, no two pieces are ever alike. When you own an item from Sunshadeau Arts, you own a carefully handcrafted piece of art.

Please Note: This listing is for Pre-Orders. These trays will not start shipping until early fall 2019 (this date is subject to change).