Midnight Aurora Single d20 Handmade Resin Goliath Polyhedral Die


Hold the natural wonder of the aurora borealis glowing through the night sky in the palm of your hand with these unique d20 dice.

These stunning dice feature a midnight blue mountain decked with shimmering blue/purple color shifting highlights. A magical blue/purple/magenta aurora sparkles in the night sky above. Dice are inked in metallic silver.

These magical auroras are only visible in certain lights and disappear in others. To catch a glimpse of the aurora sky, shift the die back and forth in relation to the light source to watch it appear, change color, and disappear.

This listing is for a single d20 in my signature 33mm Goliath dice size. I make 33mm dice to promote accessibility in gaming.

These items are made from premium art resin and stunning high quality pigments and were lovingly handmade by artist Sasha Augustine in the Sunshadeau Arts studio.