Less-than-perfect Rebirth d20, 37mm Handmade Resin Die


This listing is for Less-than-perfect dice. These dice may have bubbles in the corner where the 4 is and may have uneven surfaces. Choose between RAW, they are not sanded/polished/inked, and polished (inked or not inked). Please review carefully as all less-than-perfect sales are final.

This amazing d20 was inspired by the Critical Role character Yasha and features her flying before a raging storm and a gentle field of wild flowers behind.

The character of Yasha is the property of Ashley Johnson created in association with Matthew Mercer and Critical Role. Sunshadeau Arts is in no way affiliated with Critical Role, this is purely a fan inspired creation.

These stunning dice are dual sided. One side features Yasha’s silhouette with blade in hand and wings unfurled. The feathered wings are a color shifting iridescent with the black bone wings shown in front. Behind her, is a roiling blue and purple stormy sky.

The other side shows a field of wildflowers. Every single die has a completely unique collection of miniature flowers and other dried plants so no two dice are the same. The flowers are surrounded by a gentle shimmer that varies from die to die.

This listing is for a single d20 in my signature 37mm dice size. I make larger dice to promote accessibility in gaming.

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