Less-than-perfect Tea of the Dead d20, 37mm Handmade Resin Die


This listing is for Less-than-perfect dice. In this die the inclusion flipped over so the 20 side is under the ground and the tea cup is pushed close up to the top. Please review carefully as all less-than-perfect sales are final.

This amazing d20 was inspired by the Critical Role character Caduceus Clay and features his signature dead people tea.

The character of Caduceus Clay is the property of Taliesin Jaffe created in association with Matthew Mercer and Critical Role. Sunshadeau Arts is in no way affiliated with Critical Role, this is purely a fan inspired creation

These stunning dice show a steaming cup of tea surrounded by flowers, mushrooms, and plants while a boneyard of the dead lurks beneath. Each tea scene is hand sculpted and painted so colors may vary from die to die. Dice are inked with a metallic teal and pink gradient on each individual number.

This listing is for a single d20 in my brand NEW 37mm dice size. I make larger dice to promote accessibility in gaming.

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