Less-than-perfect Magma D20 Handmade Resin Goliath Polyhedral Die

$45.00 $35.00

Gather a hand full of lava rock with ribbons of hot magma breaking through the surface with this unique polyhedral die.

This amazing die features a top layer of charcoal black resin that encases a roiling mass of shimmering gold, orange, and blood red resin inside. Then rivulets of the top layer are carved away to reveal the vibrant colors beneath. These dice have an unusual 3D carved texture. Dice are inked in metallic blood orange.

Since the amount a material removed is quite small and is removed from multiple sides of the dice, the dice remain balanced enough for game play.

Each polyhedral die is made in my signature 33mm Goliath dice size. I make 33mm dice to promote accessibility in gaming.

These items are made from premium art resin and stunning high quality pigments and were lovingly handmade by artist Sasha Augustine in the Sunshadeau Arts studio.

Please note that this die is Less than Perfect. That means that there are noticeable bubbles, divots, and imperfections that are merely cosmetic. These flaws do not affect the function of the die.

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