Less-than-Perfect Consume d20, 37mm Handmade Resin Die


This listing is for Less-than-perfect dice. These dice have obvious surface bubbles or uneven surfaces in the corner where the 4 is (near the side of the eye). Choose between RAW, they are not sanded/polished/inked, and polished but not inked. Please review carefully as all less-than-perfect sales are final.

This amazing d20 was inspired by the Critical Role character Fjord and shows his silhouette suspended in front of the eye of Ukatoa.

The character of Fjord is the property of Travis Willingham created in association with Matthew Mercer and Critical Role. Sunshadeau Arts is in no way affiliated with Critical Role, this is purely a fan inspired creation

These amazing dice feature the deep shimmering midnight blue depths of the sea with the glowing yellow and green eye peering from the deep. The tiny black figure is suspended in a crystal clear shell before the eye. Dice are inked in a gradient across the numbers from dark forest to spring green to golden yellow to sunny orange.

This listing is for a single d20 in my brand NEW 37mm dice size. I make larger dice to promote accessibility in gaming.

These items are made from premium art resin and stunning high quality pigments and were lovingly handmade by artist Sasha Augustine in the Sunshadeau Arts studio.

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