Glow in the Dark Handmade Resin D20 Pins


Show your tabletop gaming pride with these unique, one-of-a-kind handmade Glow in the Dark D20 pins.

These stunning pins feature a relief of a sharp edged D20 die that is approximately 26mm in diameter. Each die is hand inked and coated with a clear sealant for added durability. These “half dice” are then finished with gold or silver butterfly clutch tack pins on the back.

Choose from a variety of different colored pins that glow in different colors. Some of the pins are inked in glow in the dark paint so the numbers glow as well. A selection of these pins are also available without Glow-in-the-Dark pigments.

Each pin is made from premium art resin, stunning high quality pigments, and real metal foils and every pin is lovingly handmade by artist Sasha Augustine in the Sunshadeau Arts studio.


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