From the Archives, 37mm d20 Resin Dice Set of 8


This is the final set of dice in my collection that represents over two years of creative work.

This one-of-a-kind archival set features 8 oversized d20 dice inspired by characters from Campaign 2 of Critical Role. All designs are discontinued and will never be offered again. In order to better view the interior designs, all dice are NOT inked.

Set includes:

  • Consume – inspired by Fjord
  • Tea of the Dead – inspired by Caduceus
  • Rebirth – inspired by Yasha
  • Chaos Reigns – inspired by Jester
  • Fists of the Soul – inspired by Beau
  • Heart of Flame – inspired by Caleb
  • A Curse Broken –  inspired by Veth/Nott
  • Suspension of Shadows – inspired by Essek

This listing is for an 8 d20 set of dice in my signature 37mm dice size. I make larger dice to promote accessibility in gaming.

This is purely a fan inspired creation. Sunshadeau Arts is in no way affiliated with Critical Role. All characters were created and are owned by Critical Role.

Only 1 left in stock