Circle of Protection Disc Pendant – Ready to Ship


Represent your favorite class with these unique hand poured resin Disc Pendants. Disc pendants feature original Sunshadeau Arts poured resin designs inspired by Dungeons and Dragons classes. Each necklace is hand painted and completely one of a kind. Makes a beautiful addition to any outfit. Each pendant comes with an 18″ chain.

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Discs are approximately 2.25″ diameter with varying thicknesses.

Choose from:

  • Channel Divinity – representing the Cleric class
    • features sapphire pearl swirls and copper flakes
  • Druidcraft – representing the Druid class
    • features spring green swirls and gold flakes
  • Bardic Inspiration – representing the Bard class
    • features violet and brass swirls and copper flakes
  • Sorcerous Origin – representing the Sorcerer class
    • features pink swirls and gold flakes
  • Sneak Attack – representing the Rogue class
    • features onyx smoke, iridescent sparkles, and silver shards

Other classes coming soon…

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in

Channel Divinity, Druidcraft, Bardic Inspiration, Sorcerous Origin, Sneak Attack


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