D20 Leather Bracelet/Choker


A spin-off of the very popular Natural 20 Locket, these unique leather bracelet/chokers feature a handmade resin d20 relief in Mermaid Armor colors atop a silver metal locket.

Each bracelet/choker combo is a black leather band that either double wraps around the wrist or encircles the neck culminating in a silver locket. Closes with a silver buckle.

These stunning lockets feature a relief of a sharp edged handmade resin D20 die made with swirls of color changing pigments swirled in premium art resin. The D20 relief is inked in coordinating metallic colors. Choose from various different color options that change with each collection.

The lockets are clear in the center so you can see through to the back of the d20 and unscrew to open and close.

Each locket d20 is made from premium art resin and stunning high quality pigments, and every bracelet is lovingly handmade by artist Sasha Augustine in the Sunshadeau Arts studio.

Please note that these bracelets are made to order and are expected to ship approximately one-two weeks after purchase. 


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