A Curse Broken d20, 37mm Handmade Resin Die FINAL PREORDER


This amazing d20 was inspired by the Critical Role character Veth/Nott and features back to back cameo silhouettes.

These stunning dice are dual sided. One side features a Veth cameo in sparkling black silhouette within a golden frame. The frame is embellished with tiny pink/red/yellow flowers and tiny multicolored buttons.

The other side features a Nott cameo in sparkling bright green silhouette within a deep green frame. The frame is embellished with green and blue flowers and green moss.

Choose if you would like your die inked or bare (not inked). If you choose to have your die inked, the Veth side will be inked in color shifting yellow/pink and the Nott side will be inked in color shifting apple green/gold.

This listing is for a single d20 in my signature 37mm dice size. I make larger dice to promote accessibility in gaming.

The character of Nott/Veth is the property of Sam Riegel created in association with Matthew Mercer and Critical Role. Sunshadeau Arts is in no way affiliated with Critical Role, this is purely a fan inspired creation.