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I have been working for the last year to come up with an efficient way to create and distribute all the content my customers have been begging for: a new and improved subscription system, custom commissions, advanced dice making tutorials and more exclusive content. After a lot of pondering, I realized that the best way to do it, was to roll all of these separate ideas together into one big patronage system! I thought a lot about the best way to run my patronage system and realized that I wanted to work with Patreon since that is a system that so many in our community are already familiar with. And why reinvent the wheel? So welcome to my new and improved Patreon.

Whether you want to help support me as an artist and innovator in the dice making world, you want some advanced dice making tips, you want one-on-one coaching sessions, or you just want to access some exclusive giveaways and sales, I think this Patreon has something for everyone.

And as a special bonus, everyone who joins my Patreon in the month of January 2021, will receive a special welcome packet that includes: a FREE copy of my Top 4 Lazy Dice Makers Tips, access to an exclusive dice giveaway, and will be automtically entered to win a $30 Sunshadeau Arts gift card, just for joining!

So head on over to Patreon and see if a Patron Pact is right for you.

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