Coming soon: The Sunshadeau Archives

With the success of the Beginning Resin Dice Making Course, I have had many requests to create tutorials and instructions for more advanced dice making techniques. 

Since I am constantly discovering and exploring new territory in the dice making world, I wanted to create an advanced dice making course that could constantly evolve along with me.

With that in mind, I am creating what I call the Sunshadeau Archives.

The Archives will feature a running blog-like format. If you are familiar with Patreon, it is a similar process.

You sign up for a subscription on a month-by-month basis that will give you unlimited access to the Archives for that month. The subscription will automatically be deducted every month using your preferred method of payment. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The Sunshadeau Archives will feature content in videos, articles, and photos that explain advanced dice making techniques:

  • Step by step overview of my personal dice design process. Watch how different dice designs come to life. I will be adding information from previous designs as well as many new designs moving forward.
  • Advanced dice making tutorials including mold making, advanced polishing techniques, how to make your own miniature inclusions, and more!
  • A peek behind the curtain to get exclusive access to happenings around the Sunshadeau Arts studio. You know you wanna see those sexy Critical Role dice develop right before your eyes…

The Archives will be a mix of fully produced content and off the cuff snippets of exciting moments in the studio. This way I can spend less time carefully editing videos and more time sharing the triumphs and tribulations of the dice making world.

There is not a hard date for the launch of the Archives just yet but I am expecting it to be up and running by fall.

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