Soaring above the new Terra Collection

I’m deep in the research and development phase for the Terra Collection and I wanted to share a bit of my process.

This next collection in my landscape series celebrates the space where water, earth, and air meet. Thinking about essences of these spaces, I’ve decided to begin by exploring two distinct images: islands and waterfalls.

Every great design process begins with research.

Here is just a snippet of where my research took me…


I wanted to explore a variety of different island styles. I was very inspired by places such as the Faroe Islands, Westman Islands, Palau Islands, Fiji, Phi Phi, and the stunning Lofoten Islands.


There are some unbelievably gorgeous waterfalls across the globe. A few personal favorites for this project include Seljalandsfoss, Baatara Gorge, Merlin’s Well, Glowing Horsetail, and Prskalo.


Now that I’ve got some amazing images floating about my brain, it’s time to start designing! Check back to see how these designs develop.

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