Dice Making Kits get an upgrade

Dice making kits are coming back with some fabulous upgrades


I’ve spent the last month revamping all of the Resin Dice Making kits to make them better than ever. 

Here is what you can expect from the new kits:

  • Larger quantities of dye, mica, and glitter in every kit 
  • The addition of reusable stir sticks, pigment scoops, and pipettes
  • Polishing supplies including Zona polishing papers, Flitz polish, and a microfiber polishing cloth
  • Inking supplies including acrylic paint and paint pens  

Other changes include:

  • All kit will be ready to ship! No more waiting on preorders.
  • Kits will NO LONGER include gloves due to COVID
  • Kits will raise in price by only $10 per kit
  • There will be one single listing for all kits. No more juggling between listings depending on shipping destination.

I hope these changes will make the dice making journey every simpler for all the new dice makers out there.

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